• Has 0 sense... I already tried to bring friends here and no one wanted to play here because that. Failed starting server with just 20 players (I can bot with premium so I actually its just matter of money) - Just allow 1 per HWID in sieges/epics like most servers do.

    ps.: please, use a more mature and normal forum, this one is crap, hard to read, hard to understand, etc...

  • I really appreciate your proposal!

    This will not happen! Never!

    Even more: I will add an extra layer of protection next week , on top of SmartGuard. I will be more vicious than SmartGuard.

    If it's to hard to farm/pvp we can offer our apologies (only x50 XP/SP and 20 Adena/Drop).
    We invested too much time in skill balance for other players to experience some bot.
    Suggestion: play fair, and use fingers!

    This server it's made for all those who want to play fair, not vs. a bot config.
    This is what we mean by user experience!

    Have fun!

    P.S.: This is just more modern forum than those hackable php ones!

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