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castle bug?

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  • so i've been the owner of castle aden for quite a while and today i login and find that, for some magical reason, i'm not owner anymore even if the game recognizes me as the legitimate owner (on the pic you can see that i log in and says i'm the owner of castle aden, yet on the siege info there's another clan owning the castle). Is this a bug, a glitch, a hack or something? i tried to register as attacker to try to reclaim the castle but i can't because "clans owning a castle can't participate as attackers in sieges"Lineage II 21_6_2024 09_41_53_922x576.png

  • Hi,

    Indeed you are current owner of Aden Castle.
    IDK at this point what happend (I have a clue).
    I will investigate further!

    Thank you for bug report!

    Panda 🐼

  • pandaP panda has marked this topic as solved
  • thank you very much for the quick response and subsequent fix, for a minute i thought the server was hacked or something and was scared (i mean, since there's more bots than players and they use botting sofware that is illegal according the server rules i thought it came from that way.

    Since i'm here and we're talking about bugs I would like to report 2 bugs i've found this past days and they involve recalling. 1- all the scrolls of escape (no matter normal, blessed, castle, CH) lead to giran, i've tried almost every scroll available on the server and it came to the same result. Also the skill party recall takes everyone but the caster to the city and it doesn't work that way. It used to work fine before the server rates changed, i don't know if that has something to do with those bugs but scrolls and that skill worked perfectly before the rates changed.

  • Hi Zhenya,

    Thank you for your bug report!
    All the above and below have been fixed!

    Panda 🐼

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