• ChangeLog:: 03.11.2020:

    • Removed all crap code from core (like balancers and skill composers) related to mob skills and player damage balance. Now they are working as they should.

    • Fixed some stuff in Community Board (like selectors for Smelting (Passive Skills list - was bugged))

    • Berserker Spirit lvl2 - buff fixed (was inhered some attributes from Dance of Berserker lvl1)
      Some have reported Atck Speed, Mdef, Pdef and Evasion (basically it was bugged). I must apologize for not noticing earlier! At this moment this is working retail like.

    The main core was redone pretty much from 0. Including some optimizations on server network handlers and main thread mechanism.

    This was done mainly for stability and general performance.

    Thank you!

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