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    Here there will be no wipe on x50 Masters!

    I will build an x5 server with same login credentials for x5 and x50 but separate items/skills/chars and all

    Also some modifications of system - nothing major - for more clarity on connect!

    Panda! :šŸ¼

  • Announcements regarding updates to server

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    I have now a new client - more clean and more stable!

    Thank you!


  • Announcements regarding our community

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    Please read carefully. Banning it is a solution if any of those rules, depending on severity, it is broken! šŸ––

    Player Related Rules:

    Character name (or his title) must not contain bad words or something like Admin, GM, owner. It is forbidden to use bad words. It is prohibited to mislead other players by introducing oneself as Admin/GM. Using bot programs like (L2Walker, L2Net, L2Adrenaline) or any kind of programs is forbidden! Bugs or exploits usage is not allowed. If you find a new bug or exploit you should immediately inform the server Admin/GM about it and u will be rewarded if it is an important bug, otherwise warn/ban depending on severity! It is forbidden to trick someone else and steal his/her items or adena (scamming-false shop). Any manifestation of offensive language, harassment, discrimination and racism in any chat will not be tolerated (chat ban/warn/permanent ban). Do not lag the server by dropping items on the ground. Begging and chat spamming are not allowed, can lead to permanent chat ban. Sharing accounts is allowed, but you are the only one responsible for giving out your account information. You will not be reimbursed for the loss of any items, characters or accounts, as a result of sharing your account information. It is forbidden to advertise other servers (ban). It is forbidden to buff players in town, if they don't want that (we recommend using Buff
    Protection from .control). Do not heal Raid Boss. ! (global active) Will be only in English and + (global active) will be for other languages.

    Pvp/Pk Rules:

    It is forbidden to PK in low level area with a high level character. Attacking through walls/floors or any other abuse of exploits to kill other players is not allowed (warn/ban). When a user flags, he becomes a target, no matter his/her level (warn/ban). Do not switch the guards. Do not give bad buffs in town to players without their agreement (you can use Buff Protection from .control). You are not allowed to feed at PvP with friends for points or coins.

    Olympiad rules:

    Do not use dual box in Olympiad (character deletion/ban). It is forbidden as 2 players to help each other to get points (character deletion/ban). It is forbidden to climb on arena's door, when this is getting up, and to stay or shot from there. It is forbidden to use other skills except your own skills, any bug/exploit must be reported, this can lead to hero delete or ban.

    Territory War/Sieges:

    Do not use Wyvern near castle or inside castle on Territory War and Siege. Wyvern will be deleted if you use it outside inside a castle! Do not hide the TW flag in bad locations such as bad geodata, walls etc. If the Ward is deleted due to a bug/exploit the TW will be restarted later and a GM will supervise the siege, the player responsible for hiding the ward will get ban on all character and IP/HWID ban.

    Clan Halls:

    To own a clan Hall and keep it you clan need to be active and above level 9, every 2 weeks a cleanup will be made and inactive clans with low level will loose the right to the Clan Hall. Please note even clans with level 11 that are inactive will lose the Clan Hall. Clan with lvl 5 will get the Clan Hall removed without any warning.

    We are humans too, we do mistakes, we assume those and move on!
    If any of those rules offend you, please look for another server.
    If any of those rules don't make sense, please contact us for clarifications!

    FYI: Ban punishment it is permanent and it is set on player HWID!

    Only 2 box for Epic Boss at this moment! šŸ¤ž

  • Christmas Event until 2024 - January

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    I have started šŸŽ„ Christmas Event!

    Have fun! šŸŽ„


  • Christmas Event until 01.01.2021

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    I have started šŸŽ„ Christmas Event until 01.01.2021!

    Have fun! šŸŽ„


  • Maintenance 10.11.2020

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    We will perform maintenance for server on 10.11.2020 between 8 AM - 12AM

    This will so long because there are big updates to server,
    database maintenance for performance and server to add features and general bug fixes!

    Thank you!

    Tip: this update will be pretty important and new system for client as well!

  • Discord Server!

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    I had some time to make this Discord server:
    It's still work in progress, but we have started! šŸŽŠ

    Meet us there as well! šŸ‘„

  • Server goes Live!

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    we started Live on 18.10.2020 - 20:00 GMT+2

  • Open BETA in 13-10-2020 20:00 GMT+2

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    Open BETA in 13-10-2020 20:00 GMT+2 šŸŽ®

And join us on discord: DISCORD SERVER
Try to use gmail email for registration. Yahoo rejects us, for odd reasons! And check spam folder as well!
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